Worldcup 2011

Cricket History:

Cricket is an action packed game that gives a thrill to viewers. During the world cup tournament, no one can afford to miss the action.  It is the most uncertain game in the world. Until of the last ball of the game, no one knows what will happen.Now in world cricket we see many format of this game.

We can divide the cricket now into three parts –

a)     Twenty- Twenty Cricket ( 20 over Match) – Must Finish the game with in 4 hours
b)    One – Day Cricket ( 50 over Match)  - Plays with hole day, must finish with in 8 hours
c)     Test- Cricket ( 5 days match, each day 90 over will be held; depends on weather)

At the beginning of the cricket history, Test –Cricket is being played. The first Test match was played in 1877 between Australia and England, and the two teams competed regularly for - “The Ashes in subsequent years. Thought now days Twenty- Twenty Cricket is being most popular. But still One-day cricket is the key part to measure the talent power of the country. 

First World Cup:

The first cricket world cup was organized in England in 1975. The final game held between Australia and West Indies. West Indies 291 off 60 overs (C.Lloyd 102); Australia 274 off 58.4 overs (I.Chappell 62). West Indies won by 17 runs.

   World Cup Host Countries  (every world cup):

World Cup Final 2011 -  India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh
World Cup Final 2007 -  West Indies
World Cup Final 2003 - South Africa / Zimbabwe / Kenya
World Cup Final 1999 -  England / Scotland / Ireland / Wales
World Cup Final 1996 -  India / Pakistan / Sri Lanka
World Cup Final 1992 -  Australia / New Zealand
World Cup Final 1987 -  Indian / Pakistan
World Cup Final 1983 -  England
World Cup Final 1979 -  England
                                World Cup Final 1975 -  England


World Cup Winner and Runner up to (1975-2007):

                  Collected from Wikipedia 
Host Nation(s)
 West Indies
291 for 8 (60 overs)
WI won by 17 runsScorecard
274 all out (58.4 overs)
 West Indies
286 for 9 (60 overs)
WI won by 92 runsScorecard
194 all out (51 overs)
183 all out (54.4 overs)
Ind won by 43 runsScorecard
 West Indies
140 all out (52 overs)
253 for 5 (50 overs)
Aus won by 7 runsScorecard
246 for 8 (50 overs)
249 for 6 (50 overs)
Pak won by 22 runsScorecard
227 all out (49.2 overs)
 Sri Lanka
245 for 3 (46.2 overs)
SL won by 7 wicketsScorecard
241 for 7 (50 overs)
133 for 2 (20.1 overs)
Aus won by 8 wicketsScorecard
132 all out (39 overs)
South Africa Kenya Zimbabwe
359 for 2 (50 overs)
Aus won by 125 runsScorecard
234 all out (39.2 overs)
Barbados Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago Guyana Antigua and Barbuda Saint Kitts and Nevis Grenada Saint Lucia
West Indies
281 for 4 (38 overs)
Aus won by 53 runs on D/L Method Scorecard
 Sri Lanka
215 for 8 (36 overs)

Cricket Popularity in World:

Now-a-days cricket popularity is increasing day by day. People love to see uncertain things. And cricket is the uncertain game. Its popularity increase more, after added the new terms Twenty Twenty-world cup. Now the western people are also showing there interest in it. Some Europe country, like Netherlands, Holland, Ireland they also started to play cricket. Even the North American country Canada also not far from cricket. Therefore, it is really goods news that, though the cricket is a long time play game, but its popularity is rapidly increasing.

Cricket Popularity in Bangladesh:

It is really important news for us, that now the cricket is the most popular game in Bangladesh. The world, really come to know about us by the Cricket. In words, we can say, Cricket is the only game, which made us rich in the world.

Carrier in Cricket:

No matter to say, now in Bangladesh is good at cricket. In addition, its popularity is increasing. Therefore, there is a great opportunity to build up a good carrier. We also see that Bangladesh Govt. is taking many steps to develop school cricket. Even we also find that, BKSP, now offering the many good facilities to develop the cricket. So, really it is to say that, there is a good carrier is waiting in cricket.

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